In this article I want to tell you about the only souvenirs you should buy. No not those ugly made in china billion things you can buy in every souvenir shop. I’m talking real souvenirs. Handmade and something memorial you can cherish forever.



Schermafbeelding 2016-05-10 om 20.40.49

First off. Shoes. Don’t bring shoes from home, just buy them at your destination! Walking in style of the culture and an amazing souvenir!

These gladiator boots I bought in Kos, Greece when I was there 2 summers ago. Found the shop at a side street. Always walk into the side streets and you will find the best things!



Schermafbeelding 2016-05-10 om 20.45.19

Home decor is a great souvenir! This photo we took when we where in Tunisia. A game off chess looks good on every coffee table! especially if it’s one from your favorite holiday.

Also think about wall decor like masks from Afrika or  blankets or even pieces of fabric you can make cushions out off.




To complete the look I always buy some jewelry. Just bring basic clothes and buy a necklace from the country and you blend all in!

My boyfriend bought me this beautiful set of jewelry as a gift in Parc Guell in Barcelona and was handmade by a girl from Argentina for only €10!



Schermafbeelding 2016-05-10 om 20.49.52

Things like panama hats from panama or a beret from Paris are always a good thing to have!




CHOCOLATE, DRIED PASTAS, SPICES, SNACKS, WINE! everything works to expand the vibe at home.

Make sure it’s not going bad in your suitcase!

Photo from;



Argan oil from Morroco. Olive soap from Greece. Always buy local beauty products. It’s mostly handmade and extremly good for your hair, body or face.

picture found here



The thing my boyfriend always does it’s that he always buys perfume. This way the smell always reminds you off your travel memories.

Same with body soap. Don’t bring it a heavy liter bottle in your suitcase. Buy it on the first day and always be remembered with that scent.



At last I want to share you something I always need to have when i visit a new place and that is to always buy a keyring with a faithful meaning. Like a in a Catholic country I want a cross and the jewish hand I bought in the Jew museum in Berlin.


These are my tradition of souvenirs. I’m not saying you should do the same, this is just to give you some inspiration!


I know what your thinking right know. How can i fit all of this in my suitcase.

Three options:

  • Pack light, buy everything there (like the shoes)
  • Ship it instead of bringing it with you. Which is sometimes cheaper than paying for overweight luggage
  • Know how to pack a suitcase. (which I am gonna show you how to do in a different post!)


Hoped you like my tips on buying souvenirs!

What are the souvenirs you always buy?


Feel free to share some comments and I hope to see you back Saturdays for a new video and Wednesdays for a new article!!


xoxo Nanicha!




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