Every blog has them. Every travel blog starts with them. And today I am gonna show you mine.

While I would love to see every inch of earth. I have a couple favorites.

Here is my travel bucket list. Wishing I could check some of before I kick the bucket.. (or turn 30..)

  • Have a foodie roadtrip through Italy
  • Roadtrip through America (especially Los Angeles!)
  • Backpack Australia
  • Mexico
  • Curacao
  • Iran (That’s where the boyfriend is from, you should check it out. It’s beautiful!)
  • Algarve – Portugal
  • Brazil
  • Ride the Pan American Highway in South America
  • Experience the Yachtweek in Croatia
  • Volunteer in Costa Rica for the wildlife
  • Suriname
  • Island Hopping Greece
  • South Africa
  • Mudflat hiking
  • Bahamas cruise
  • Hawaii !!
  • Artic cruise
  • Go on a surprise trip
  • Cuba
  • Island Hopping Thailand
  • Ibiza


For me travel is not a destination. It’s about the experience.


So we will see in 10 years right?

What’s your list? please share!



Check back every Wednesday & Saturday!


xoxo Nanicha




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