As promised. An article about How To Travel In Style.

I always make sure to do it. On vacation you take more pictures than average and you wanna make sure you look good in it right? It is important to look stylish on your travels. For me at least..

How I start

This summer I am going to Turkey for my brother in law his wedding so let’s take Turkey as an example..

  1. Create a color palette


The very first thing I do is I will go on Pinterest (don’t forget to follow me  or on Google and search: (destination) color palette

Sometimes there is an picture with the colors in it. Sometimes you have to look for the colors in a pretty picture itself.

For example this picture. It is from  and as you can see it has some blue tones in it.

2. Look at traditional clothes 


Second go on to google again and search for (destination) traditional wear/clothes

Of course, don’t go out and about on your travels in a traditional dress. Just find some inspiration in it. Like the colors, shapes, accessoires or prints.

This I found on google;

3. Dress for the mood 


Like Anna Dello Russo once said:

FLIRT with the mood of the country:
Be EXOTIC if you going to Amazon,
Be ETHNIC if you going to Anatolia,

if you going to Cartagena.

I’m going to Turkey. I search for ethnic fashion pieces and prints..

picture from:


4. Choose a base color

This could be black, white or beige.


5. Know your activities

You don’t want to do some hiking in a tight dress.

Know what activities your are planning to do and go from there.

I will go on more detail about activity wear later soon!


6. Buy souvenirs to complete your look

Like I said in this article ( the-only-souvenirs-you-should-buy )

Complete your look with local accessoires. Buy shoes and jewelry at your destination and you look al blended in!


7. Accessorize…

Like said above, complete your look with scarfs, belts.. you name it.

Belts take up no room at all and can make you look from floppy to fabulous!


8. Imagine living there

Imagine yourself living in the country. Think about the climate, the culture, the rules etc.. What would you wear day to day? That’s probably what the locals wear..

9. Finally..

After all these steps you can finally look through your closet and find the pieces that match all of the above.

If you don’t have the right piece of clothing to look stylish, Don’t rush to the nearest H&M. Just buy it at your destination! Then you look good, have a great souvenir and you save space in your bag! Talking about a win win win situation!!

Also think about hair and makeup. Will also write about that soon!


That’s it! That’s how I attempt to look great while traveling. 

Here are some picture of me on my travels. Judge for yourself. Am I doing great? Please share in the comments below!

Me in Barcelona. Polka Dots for Spain
Schermafbeelding 2016-05-24 om 19.21.07
Me in Crete, Greece. Gladiator boots
Me in the Sahara in Tunisia. Accessorized with a scarf


Just because your traveling shouldn’t mean you should neglect yourself.


Traveling in style doesn’t mean you should overpack.

I will make a subject about overpacking later! So be sure to check back soon!


Make sure to come back in the summer to see my travels from Turkey and see how I follow these rules to travel in style!

Also feel free to comment and share!

Come back every Wednesday for an article and Saturdays for a brand new video based on traveling!


xoxo, Nanicha



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