1 thing you never hear someone about and the thing you always forget to bring but is oh so important!


A guide for bringing the perfect pajamas on your travelsSchermafbeelding 2016-06-15 om 09.36.14

The slip dress

Which you can also wear as a sexy going out top or dress.

The playsuit

Which is perfect for hanging around in your hotel room. Chilling at the balcony. Looking cute while the neighbors are watching. Also cute during the day.

The workout clothes

Which you can sleep in at night and also work as fitness clothes. No need to bring extra workout clothes unless you are a fitness junkie. Also great if you want to wear something comfortable one day.

The cute PJ’s

Of course you can always wear just regular pajamas if you feel like these tips are not for you.


That’s it! My tips on what pajamas to wear while traveling!

Felt like I had to share my tips & tricks because I never saw a travel blogger write about these tips.

My number one goal with this travel blog is to be unique!


Please share in the comment below, What are the pajamas you always bring?

Come back next week for more!

xoxo, Nanicha


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