Wanna travel but have no idea where to go? Know where to go but have no idea what to do? Your first time ever traveling but don’t know where to start? Have traveled before but never satisfied with the travel experience? Everyone else has always better trips than you? Anyway.. you need some help with planning your best trip. I’m here to answer all your questions. Giving you some tips & tricks you can do the first thing of travel planning. Where to find the best spots and make your travels go to a whole other level..

First off. Find some inspiration. Go on pinterest. Read travel inspired books like Lonely Planet or National Geographic. Just do some research of where you would like to go. Find out what you want and go from there.

Search for lists. Go on google and type in The 10 Most beautiful beaches, The Best Food Tours, 20 Trips to take in your 20s. Look on lists and make your selection.

Create a Bucket list. Write your favorites spots down and every time you have no inspiration on where to go just look on your list and check it off..

Check if the destination is right for your needs.. Wanna party? Check if you are allowed to. Maybe you have to be 25 to enter any clubs. Or maybe it’s a place for old people and your stuck doing nothing.

Know where to go? Go on pinterest again and type in your destination. Buy a Lonely planet and make your own list of what you would like to see. Instagram has also some great travel pics to find some inspiration on where to go.

I also watch some vlogs on youtube to see what the destination like.

Before you book your hotel, Make a map! You spend all your time doing research and then on your vacation you find out that the most beautiful beach is on the other side of the island which is like a 2 day road trip like I found out in Crete.. Mark on your map or google maps all the things you wanna see and plan from there.

Lastly. Read reviews. Go on Trip Advisor or just a quick google search and always look up reviews! From hotels to activities. Never book anything if you haven’t read the reviews!

Now you can enjoy the best trip of your life.

Hope this was helpful!


See you next time..

xoxo Nanicha



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