Today we’re gonna talk about money.

I’m gonna show you the extra cost you probably do not think about especially with summer holidays right around the corner!


Most people will think; YESSS, Found that great deal for $400 and think that’s all they have to spend on there holidays. Well, Think again!

First you will probably know you are gonna spend some money while your there, think about food, souvenirs and clothes. But what people do not think about is what else you need to spend money on before going on your summer travels.

I normally spend  $25 – $50 dollars a day inclusive food and shoppings. You can do the calculation. Gone for 14 days? Bring around $350 – $700..

Think about the things you need before you even there: Visas, vaccinations, things to bring on the plane, maybe you need new luggage, toiletries. All those little things that can ad up fast! $10 here, $10 there. Make sure you pay attention to these spendings if your low on money.

Also check on what you actually booked. Does it come with tranfers?

You probably have to pay for check-in luggage, another $50. You can save this money to only bring carry on bags.

Have you booked all inclusive or do you have to pay for every meal?

A little cocktail here, an Ice cream there..

Make sure to change your bank card to world so you can pay everywhere and your bank won’t block your card.

Some sneaky little thing is also that every time you get cash from a ATM your bank charges you crazy. So pin a big amount on the first day and hide it in different places in your hotel room.

Activities are the most expensive things on your trip. Think about $50 – $100 per person per day. If you don’t want to spend your whole holiday at the pool and also want to see somethings these are a major down disappointment if you didn’t save the money for it.

Think about transportation. Subway tickets, Taxis.  I sometimes wanna rent a car, quad or bike. Another $20 a day + $50 deposit.

Then when your heading back home… You have to pay $$$$ for overweigh luggage!

Always bring a creditcard for backup money. You don’t wanna miss a plane because you didn’t have enough money for the train to the airport like I did in Oslo! that was another $160 for a new flight ticked and spending 6 hours at the airport….

All of these things above can ad up so much and I’m just here to warn you so you can save some more for an amazing experience!


– traveling is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer! –


Was this helpful? Please share in the comments below!

Also share more money tips!


See you next time!

xoxo, Nanicha


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