Today I’m sharing all the essentials I need on a airplane. This is what is inside my Carry On Bag!

Also sharing some great tips and tricks to make your travel way more comfortable.

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-15 om 11.48.05

  • Always bring shorts on the plane. Going from cold Holland to the Caribbean? You will feel the hot temperature hitting you as soon as you land. Having a pair of shorts in your bag will be a great luxury. You have to wait for your luggage anyway. Might as well go into the bathroom and freshen up with a pair of shorts.
  • bikini. Sometimes you arrive so early that your room is not ready jet. And it’s to early that the shops aren’t open either. Don’t go waiting in the lobby. Put on your bikini and just relax by the pool.
  • A big diva pair of sunglasses that hide the fact that you haven’t slept on the 10+ hour plane ride.
  • Snacks. In the future I will write more about travel snacks and food.
  • Vapur water bottle. Fill it up after security. Do it before and they throw it away. Roll it up if it’s empty and it will take up no space in your bag.
  • Also bring a travel mug. Most stores will give you hot water, bring your own tea bags. Now have your tea while waiting in the gate.
  • Earplugs. On the plane to Aruba a couple years ago there was this lady talking to a random guy about all the places she has been and all the places she lived. for 10 hours! It was a long flight.. Or sleeping in a hostel and your roommates come home drunk at 6 o’clock. Having a pair of earplugs is just amazing for sleeping like a princess.
  • Same as a sleep mask. Preferably one with lavender in it. I can not sleep if there is light.
  • A pair of slippers or fuzzy socks. Keep your feet warm at all times. Take compression socks if your feet get swollen easily.
  • What tops it all of is taking a silk pillowcase! No need to bring a bulky neck pillow. On the plane you can fill it up with scarfs and in the hotel you have your comfort from home.
  • Scarfs! scarfs, scarfs, scarfs! Feeling cold on the plane? scarfs! Wanna look cute in the airport? scarfs! I always bring many variations and they are the most versatile piece of clothes. A travel must! I will make an article about scarfs soon.
  • Always bring empty clear ziplock baggies! Sometimes something leakes, sometimes you can not finish your food on time, sometimes you forget to put your toiletries into a ziplock bag. You probably need them.
  • Don’t forget your tech. cameras, GoPro, chargers..
  • Offline Entertainment like an Ipad, laptop with movies or a good book.
  • Of course DO NOT forget your Documents and Information Papers
  • I sometimes bring a journal to doodle in or write memories down.
  • Anything valuable like jewelry always pack with you on the plane.
  • Clear toiletry bag. Security is strikt! You will need to put your toiletries into a clear bag. Might as well put it into my own made toiletry bag! Will go on more dept about security approved toiletries soon!
  • All your medicines with prescriptions!
  • All the things you’ll definetly need.
  • and lastly of course! my Travel Wallet!


IMG_0195                    Schermafbeelding 2016-06-15 om 12.24.03


What’s in your carry on bag?

Was this helpful?


See you next time!

xoxo, Nanicha


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