When you finally arrive at your destination all you want to do is unpack and explore or sleep for days. Just wait a few minutes before you do that because there are a few things you should do as soon you arrive.

To make your stay a bit more comfortable, to get free stuff or just for your own good. Always ask your hotel these little things.

If you never ask the answer is always no!


  • Grab a couple business cards. Use them to show your cab driver to know where your going. They will come in handy.
  • Check if there any free samples. Forget your toothpaste? a hairbrush? a phone charger? They probably have it. And they probably have it for free! People leave stuff behind all the time.
  • You can also call your hotel before hand to check what toiletries they have so you know what not to pack!
  • Take a look inside their brochures and books. You will find coupons or deals.
  • Always ask for an upgrade. Don’t like the room your staying in? Upgrade. Sometimes it will cost you nothing. Sometimes you have to pay a fee thats so small you can’t resist.
  • Ask for clean beds. Like said before. The cleaning staff cleans the sheets but never the bedding itself. Eww!
  • Don’t forget to give tips. The staff will treat you like royals.
  • Check the hotel activities. A lot of times they have free walking tours. They also have better deals then outside on the streets. And you get better quality. No overbooked boats anymore!

Finally some important questions to ask on your last day:

  • What is the check-out time?
  • Can you take a shower before you leave to the airport?
  • Can you leave your bags at the hotel?
  • Check flight updates.
  • Ask if you can check in online!
  • How far of a drive is it to the airport?


  • And always check your room if you leave it! Go against the clock. This is an unnatural way and make you more alert! Or someone else will thank you later that you forgot your phone charger..


What do you always ask the hotel staff?

Hope you liked my tips!


See you next time,

xoxo, Nanicha


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