If you ever plan going on holiday to The Netherlands and don’t know what to buy? In the future I will tell more about what to do where in Holland but for now let’s talk souvenirs! I already have an guide to buying souvenirs in general but this time it’s specific in The Netherlands.

I’m talking nice souvenirs, not sex toys and drugs..



Hema – fun megastore.

Albert Heijn – big supermarket. (can’t find nice dutch food? Albert Heijn has it. Buy your groceries here if you are staying in an Airbnb for example)

Blond Amsterdam – tableware with girly prints

Delfts Blue silverware

Gounda Cheese & Stroopwafels


Dutch Candy & Licorice

Wilhemina Peppermints (named after the royal princess)

Clogs (hang them on the wall in the garden or place them as a centerpiece in your entryway)

Tulips or Tulip seeds

Miffy: a kids bunny cartoon



I can go on and on about dutch tradition, typical dutch things people do and dutch food but that’s for another time..


(all pictures are from google.com)


Hope I gave you some tips on what to buy.

What are your typical souvenirs?


See you next time,

xoxo, Nanicha


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