Here’s a quick update for you guys!

In about 2 months my boyfriend and I are going to St. Maarten/St.Martin!!

We needed a much deserved vacation and what better way to relax then to go to the Caribbean! I’m excited for palm trees, fresh fish and rum!

Normally I plan out all my trips but this time our main goal is to wine up and relax.

I’ve never been to St. Maarten so of course I want to see something on the island but have no idea what to do. If you have any tips please share! The only thing that’s on our planning is to see the planes passing by above your head on Maho Beach! (our main reason we’re going to St. Maarten 😉 )


For you there are coming up a lot of excited St. Maarten inspired blogpost, packing and at the end VLOGS so stay tuned and I see you soon!


xoxo, Nanicha




2 thoughts on “WE’RE GOING TO ST. MAARTEN!

    1. Last month we went to the beautiful island of St Maarten! It was great! Will write about it soon with a bonus video! We went to Maho beach almost every single day! loved it! Great experience! Also big thanks for visiting my website and commenting! Means a lot!

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