Congrats! You have booked your dream trip! You are leaving in 60+ days… But what is next? Of course you can not start packing yet. (Although I can’t wait!) And don’t count the days either. Instead do some research!

Do these things ahead of time so you don’t forget something or get in trouble the day you leave.

Here’s what you should do after you have booked:


The most important!:

check your documents! Do you need visas? Do you need vaccinations? Check these things a soon as you booked! Also check your passport date! Some countries won’t let you in if your passport is gonna expire within 6 months!

Read your travel papers

there’s a lot of info on them!


Google is your friend.. Search your destination. Search for scams. Search for souvenirs you can buy. Search anything!

Create lists

Create a activity list. Create a must see list. Create a shopping list. Create a food list. Basically create a bucket list!

Search on travel websites

Buy a Lonely Planet. Search blogs. Find the best tips for your destination

Go on pinterest 

and find great travel inspiration

The same goes for Instagram

use hashtags ### for the best travel spots

Make a map

of all the places you want to see and start a itinerary

Lastly; Make a packing list

write down all the things you need to bring and don’t need to forget!


Also! Check out my blog for more travel tips and tricks!!


Have a great trip and I hope to see you back soon!


xoxo, Nanicha


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