Booking a trip is great but most people hate packing for a trip. They have no idea what to bring and either overpack or forget everything!

Well.. I’m not one of those people..

I love packing! I always bring enough and never forget a thing!

So today I share my tips on what I do and how I start making a list for any trip

Any trip is different and you need different things for different occasions. If your going on a safari to Africa you need different things than going on summer holiday…

So my first tip is:

Google packing lists

for example if your are going on safari search google: Packing list for an African safari.. It is as simple as that! The internet it full of them.

I start my packing list a soon as I booked. That way I can think about what to buy and things I might need for the trip. If you do this one week before you rush yourself to much and get stressed out..

But.. I start my actual packing one week before. That way I know what’s in the laundry and I can get it clean before I go. No stinky clothes, no wet clothes and no disappointment because you can bring what you like. Everything clean and ready to go.

For makeup and toiletries; Have your toiletry bag empty next to you when you get ready and put your things in the bag you want and need for the trip. No need to grab everything at ones and forget your toothpaste.


Use my don’t forget list

And my packing rules

Don’t forget to put your  first aid kit on the list

If your flying you need your carry on essentials

Pack the right pajamas

and shoes

Know what to pack and what to buy while you’re there

Wanna know what clothes to bring? Here’s how you travel in style

And the most important: Don’t forget your documents

Lastly; Going on a 4 day city trip? Here is my packing list for a short weekend get-a-way


Hope this was helpful!

What are your tips? Please share!


See you next time,

xoxo, Nanicha



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