You’ve booked your ticket. The date is coming closer.. It’s time to book your seat!

Most people just go to the airport and just deal with the seat they have. Economy or business whatever. But I always try to pick my seat in advanced. Sometimes you have to pay for it, sometimes is it free..

So here some information on where the best seat on the plane is.


When booking for you and your travel partner, always pick the seat by the window and the outer seat. This way other people don’t want to sit in the middle and you might have a change to get the seat in the middle to be unbooked. This way, you and your friend have an extra seat of comfort! WINNING

The more to the back of the plane, the warmer it is gonna be. Keep that in mind. The more upfront, the colder. Plan to bring a extra blanket or not.

Also, the seat closer to the kitchen is more colder because of winds coming thru

Need some leg space? The front seats and the emergency seats have the most! Book these if your 10 feet tall!


That is all the information I have at least and I use when booking a seat on the plane. Make sure you use the things you’ve entitled to!

Because having a good seat on the plane is more important than you think.


Have more tips? please share!

Also check out what I carry on the plane! here


Enjoy your flight and I see you next time!

xoxo, Nanicha


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