Today I’m gonna tell you my rules to packing. How not to overpack and bring your whole closet.. Like I said before. I consider myself a very good packer. I always pack what I need, never overpack and can fit everything into everything.. Even the smallest bags work for me. See me as your Mary … More PACKING RULES


1 thing you never hear someone about and the thing you always forget to bring but is oh so important! PAJAMAS! A guide for bringing the perfect pajamas on your travels The slip dress Which you can also wear as a sexy going out top or dress. The playsuit Which is perfect for hanging around in … More TRAVEL PAJAMAS!


A guide to the only shoes you should pack while traveling! My rule is to try to only pack 2 1 PAIR OF WALKING SHOES In a perfect world I would make the perfect walking shoes; strappy sandals mixed with teva sandals. In those shoes you could walk all day and look cute. Perfect for long walks or … More TRAVEL SHOES!